In Multi-Stream mode, the Odyssey7Q can accept multiple HD video signals. The Convergent Design Teradek Bolt Adapter Plate Kit provides mounting for two Teradek Bolt wireless video receivers to the Odyssey7Q. The kit also includes dual battery mounts for small camcorder batteries, one to power the Odyssey and one to power the Bolts (note: AB & IDX versions use a single larger battery for both).

Included in the kit is short power and SDI video cabling for a complete system. Teradek Bolt receivers not included. Note: While the kit can be mounted to an Odyssey7 or Odyssey7Q, the Odyssey7 does not accept multiple video inputs.

Identify Your BOLT Receiver

Teradek's new fanless design varies slightly from the previous model. Please reference the images below to determine which BOLT battery plate is appropriate to your application.

Original BOLT RX is compatible with...
Sony‐L battery (CD-OD-BOLT-SLPLATE)
Sony‐U battery (CD-OD-BOLT-SUPLATE)
Canon BP‐9X battery (CD-OD-BOLT-CBPLATE)
Panasonic CGA battery (CD-OD-BOLT-PCGAPLATE)
Anton Bauer Gold Mount (CD-OD-BOLT-ABPLATE)
New BOLT RX is compatible with...
Sony‐L battery (CD-OD-BOLT-SLPLATERX2)
Sony‐U battery (CD‐OD‐BOLT‐RX2‐SUPLATE)
Canon BP‐9X battery (CD‐OD‐BOLT‐RX2‐CBPLATE)
Panasonic CGA battery (CD‐OD‐BOLT‐RX2‐PCGAPLATE)
Anton Bauer Gold Mount (CD‐OD‐BOLT‐RX2‐ABPLATE)

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