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Multicamera Production
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As EASY as 1 to 3

Titan HD Extract is an incredible new upgrade option for the Odyssey & Apollo monitor/recorders.

Titan uses one 4K camera to create three HD video signals. One frame is a SuperSample of the full image area and two are windows selected from within the original input. These windows can be panned smoothly through the 4K field and the three angles can be Live-Switched. All four HD signals can be recorded simultaneously in Apple ProRes with matching timecode and filenames.

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Multicamera Production has never been more simple.

One image to three
One to Three

Simply input one 4K video source via SDI or HDMI and Odyssey or Apollo will create three HD video files from it. No need for additional hardware!

Touch Switching
Touch Switching

Not only will it create and record three HD video files, you can live switch between the full frame and two extraction frames on touchscreen interface.


Simple tap and drag motions allow you to move the extraction frames real-time on the input, capturing events as they happen.

Edit Ready Files
Edit Ready

Using only one camera you can now have an edit-ready multi-cam production with Apple ProRes ISO recordings of each frame on removable SSD media.

XML In/Out Markers

Set in and out markers on the fly during recording, or later in playback. The XML data is easily imported into your NLE in post production.

Automatic EDL Creation
Auto EDL

Use live-switching to create an Edit Decision List that quickly creates a cut in post production, whether you choose to record the live-switch on board or not.

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Out with the old ways...In with the new!


Everyone needs to make the most of the gear they have. With the Titan HD Extract upgrade, you don't need to invest in additional cameras or switching equipment. A simple upgrade to the Odyssey or Apollo hardware you already own to replicate a multi-camera production.

One Man Band

Keep on budget without the need to hire additional camera operators or post production editors. Titan HD Extract is easy to use and simple to manage with a single operator. There is no need for additional training or experience with the intuitive interface.

Realtime Airtime

Add a professional multi-camera experience to your streamed content with real-time extraction of a single 4K wide angle shot. Output the live-switch between the three images to a streaming device between the three images, all while capturing an HD recording as well.

More with Less

Exceed client and audience expectations when you deliver multicamera content! One upgrade gives you the ability to think creatively and work efficiently within your workflow. Imagine new clients, new ways of storytelling, new possibilities.

Ideal for a Variety of Applications

Use one 4K/UHD camera to create a virtual multicamera production. Great for sporting events, concerts, corporate video, house of worship, documentary, security, YouTube content, vlogging and more.

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Let's Talk Tech

We have evolved beyond the need for huge amounts of equipment for multicamera production.

Both Odyssey and Apollo support multiple types of 4K/UHD inputs, including 6G-SDI, Dual-3G-SDI, HDMI*, and Quad-3G-SDI. Even some Sony FS Cameras** that output 4K Raw can be supersampled to HD. Two windows can be moved around the screen to create two additional HD images in realtime, switched, output and if there were two additional cameras and camera operators on set!

  • 1080p Extract

  • 720p Extract

  • 6G-SDI

  • 4K HDMI

  • Live Switch Output

  • 4K FS RAW

  • 7.7

  • Dual SSD

  • Lightweight

  • 3D-LUT Support

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Post Made Easy

With the Titan HD Extract upgrade, your Odyssey or Apollo records all four HD files - one supersampled full-frame HD from the 4K input, two extracted from the moveable windows, and an HD program file derived from the live-switch. These four files are recorded in an edit-ready multitrack QuickTime format specifically designed for multiple synced video and audio signals. An EDL is created whether you choose to record a live-switch or not, along with an XML file with the metadata tags for Markers and Notations created during playback.





HD Streams








Questions & Answers

4K DCI Video, UHD Video, or Sony FS RAW are appropriate inputs over HDMI, single 6G-SDI, dual 3G-SDI, and Quad-SDI. Frame rates of 23.98-60p are all supported.

>p> Ye, the recording will be a center cut of the image (i.e.- it will be exactly what is shown on the Odyssey / Apollo display).

File 1: Frame A: Full frame of 4K input recorded as HD.
File 2: Frame B: active window one.
File 3: Frame C: active window two.
File 4: Live Switch between the three above.

Sorry, you will choose one flavor during setup for all recorded files. Choose from ProRes Proxy, LT, 422, and HQ.

Simply the available processing power. At 50p & 60p Titan can only handle 1280x720 for both video and RAW.

Only Sony FS RAW from the FS5, FS7 and FS700. You do not need the RAW Bundle on your unit to use these settings with Titan HD Extract Option.

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Monitoring & Window Positioning [5:45]
Live Switch Settings [4:10]
ABC / Live Switch / Quad Split [3:08]

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FREE UPGRADE (Requires Firmware v2016.10

The activation key for the Titan HD Extract upgrade for Odyssey and Apollo is displayed on the Account page under each device you have registered on this website.

TITAN HD Extract is an upgrade option for Apollo or Odyssey. In order to purchase or rent the Titan HD upgrade you will need to create a free account on this website and have the Apollo or Odyssey which you intend to use with this upgrade activated on your account. Click here to create a new account.