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HDR Delivery: Recording on the Odyssey and Apollo

People often ask since the Odyssey / Apollo is not a HDR Display, can I still produce a HDR Deliverable? (HDR = High Dynamic Range.)

The answer is absolutely, keeping in mind that the Odyssey / Apollo can be set to either a Rec. 709 color space or a DCI P3 color space. You can monitor colors correctly on the Display when set to these color space, as the monitor is properly color calibrated for these color spaces.

You will see consistent and accurate results on the monitor, as well as in the entire post workflow, working with either Rec. 709 standard for “HD Broadcast” Video, or Log sources with a LUT Applied. (Log-> Rec709 LUT applied). Many LUTs which are already built into the Odyssey and Apollo, as preset LUTs for all of the major camera manufacturers (Sony, Canon, ARRI, Panasonic, etc.)

If your camera has the capability of outputting Log, or Raw you are already capturing the full dynamic range of the camera's sensor within the Odyssey / Apollo. This allows you the ability to deliver in HDR to your clients.

Keep in mind that there are many HDR workflows. The key is capturing a Log or Raw source, within the Odyssey / Apollo and then apply one of the many workflows to your footage. And, of course, ideally verifying on a calibrated HDR display before delivering to a client, to ensure that the HDR material is to your liking.

When choosing a HDR monitor, it is important to note that displaying HDR properly, is much more than just having a High Brightness Monitor. One needs a monitor that is capable of a High Dynamic Range, not just High Brightness!

One cannot just increase the brightness of the monitor, to accommodate displaying the bright highlights, as this also increases the brightness of the shadow details and the mid-range details.

Doing so will distort the shadow and mid-range details, which would then cause you to make inappropriate adjustments to your image.

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Feature Highlight: LUT Routing

What is a LUT?

A LUT is a “Look Up Table” and can be used in many ways, including changing the color or brightness of a video image, and to convert from a Log image to another type, such as a Rec. 709 image.

Throughout the world, the color standard used for broadcast is “Recommendation 709”, commonly known as “Rec. 709”. But, Rec. 709 has a limited dynamic range, just over 6 stops. Most modern cameras can record higher dynamic range, far greater that 6 stops. For film work, this higher dynamic range needs to be preserved, and the image may be recorded using a Logarithmic encoding scheme, thus the term “Log” footage.

Log images are low in contrast (typically) and can look “milky”.  A “Log to Rec.709” LUT may be used to create normal Rec. 709 image with normal contrast for monitoring while recording the higher dynamic range images for post. In many cases, a Director of Photography or Cinematographer will create a special “look” for a project. This “Look” may be one with highly saturated colors or dark images for another type of project.  Custom 3D LUT’s may be used to create above “looks”, as well as may other types of “looks”.

The Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo allow you to use the 25 Preset LUT’s that we provide, while providing you with the ability to load approximately 140 more custom 3D LUT’s for use as needed.

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