Our company was founded in 2000 by Mike Schell, an electrical engineer who previously worked in the field of electronic circuit design, specifically in the development of RAM memory chips. The company's original product line consisted of SD/HD signal converters and has evolved through many generations of products to the line of industry benchmark recorder/monitors that we produce for the film and television industries today.

Convergent Design made a name for itself in the industry with products like the Flash XDR HD/SD video recorder that was introduced in 2008 and the highly successful nanoFlash in 2009, which is a prized possession of industry professionals worldwide to this day.

With the Gemini 4:4:4, the first full uncompressed HD and RAW recorder/monitor in the industry, Convergent Design emerged as an industry game changer. With our current Odyssey Professional monitor/recorder line of products, Convergent Design continues to set the standard for performance in a very demanding industry.

We are highly responsive to feedback from industry professionals and our industry alliances enable us to be on the cutting edge of technology, all while preserving the spirit of innovation and creativity that started us out to begin with. Our engineering, manufacturing, marketing and support staff share the philosophy that dedication to our customers and to quality are the cornerstone of our company as we continue to grow.

We are eternally grateful to our customers and to the industries we serve for their devotion and support over the past 14 years and the years to come.

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Convergent Design is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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