Clients expect the highest level of production quality for multi-camera interviews with high-profile guests. It’s important to have the right experience, equipment, and camera configurations to streamline the entire multi-camera production, from set-up and recording to delivery. Many projects also have budget or time constraints that can add additional post-production challenges.

At a recent shoot, Stephen Greaves and I (Dan Martland) put our skills to work and are proud to show the results.

The commission was to shoot and technically produce several multi-camera, sit-down interviews for “The Heat”, a live 30-minute show  (on this occasion, an “as-live show”) airing on CGTN (formerly CCTV).

One key to achieving the highest level of production quality comes down to the videographers’ equipment. We both own Sony PMW-F5s and mostly operate with Canon Cn7 lenses. For this production, we gave the interview shots as much depth as possible. Knowing the setting for the interviews in advance helped us decide what lenses to use. Ultimately, we shot this production with fast prime and zoom lenses. Shooting wide open with fast primes achieved that shallow depth of field look.

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