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Odyssey and Apollo OLED Monitor Calibration

Every Odyssey 7Q+ and Apollo OLED monitor ships properly color calibrated. This is an extremely accurate color calibration. Note that three separate, precise color calibrations are built-in, one for overall screen brightness setting of “Low”, one for “Medium” and one for “High”.


With this in mind if you would like to modify the factory calibration, to match your current “Standard”, you may do so. It is relatively common for various organizations to have a specific monitor that they use as their “Reference” and adjust all of their other monitors to this one monitor.

No special software or hardware is required, if you wish to make color adjustments “By Eye”. You may also use certain external color calibration systems.

To Custom Calibrate your OLED Display, you may simply access the OLED calibration adjustment settings, which are present in the “OLED” menu (located in bottom left-hand corner of the Odyssey or Apollo.) There are adjustments for Red, Green, and Blue Gain, and Red, Green, and Blue Bias, plus many other adjustments. Also, there is a Reset to return to the factory settings. Note that a value of 100 is normal, and the range is from 50 to 140.

If you wish to use a “Spider” type calibration tool, then the selected tool must be able to tell you the adjustments to the colors that are necessary.  Then, as part of the process, you can adjust the appropriate settings in the OLED menu.

Keep in mind that for most of the various calibration tools, you will typically need to feed in a signal from a laptop for the calibration sensor to be able to “measure” the color output of the OLED display. Then, based on the feedback from the calibration sensor, you can adjust the OLED display accordingly. We also recommend you follow the calibration manufacturer's  “Recommended Practices” for the best results with the specific calibration sensor that you are using.

To return the display to the factory calibration, simply press Reset in the OLED menu.

Please keep in mind that the Odyssey and Apollo’s OLED Technology is capable of both Rec. 709 and DCI-P3 color spaces. You can select either color space in the OLED menu and then perform a custom calibration in the desired color space.


If you have any questions, please direct them to Support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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