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Artistic Music Film Series 'Past Hope Now' // Shot on Odyssey7Q+

Artistic Music Film Series 'Past Hope Now' // Shot on Odyssey7Q+

When I first watched "Past" part one in a three part art film series, I got goosebumps. Actor and movement-specialist Anthony Nikolchev and co-choreographer Gema Galiana directed and performed in these beautiful and moving short films. The films are very evocative, and made me see a clear connection and bridge between conceptual photography and video.

I want to start sharing more art films on Fstoppers because as photographers there's so much we can learn about light and emotion from video that can easily translate into stronger images for your portfolio. Plus, I love when photographers "discover" video, so I hope in sharing this it makes you curious to switch that mode dial to video. Come to the dark side. Upload your short films to your profiles and share them with us!

"Past Hope Now" is described by Nikolchev as a "music film" which was inspired by the music of John Isaac Watters. The team also flew in Polish cinematographer Jakub Klawikowski, who usually shoots more action and adventure Red Bull videos. The films were shot on the Sony FS700 with an external recorder Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+, and coupled with many different Zeiss lenses. Sliders, a handheld rig, and tripods were used through out the filming, but what really helps set these music films a part was the use of the DJI Ronin.

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