What is Master Input and how is it used?

Input A (either SDI A IN or HDMI IN) is required at all times. Either the SDI A/HDMI input or the SDI B input can be selected as the MASTER INPUT. The MASTER INPUT camera can be used to trigger recording and be the timecode source for the Apollo recording.

  1. On the Upper Toolbar, tap the RECORD STATUS button.
  2. Tap the MASTER CAMERA button to select from the list.
  3. Tap the MASTER INPUT button to select SDI A/HDMI or SDI B.

Note that the MASTER INPUT does not have to be used to trigger recording or generate timecode. Tap RECORD TRIGGER to select trigger method (Record Button, Camera, Remote, Timecode). Tap the INPUT/OUTPUT STATUS button and tap TIMECODE SOURCE to select timecode type (SDI/HDMI, LTC, Time-of-Day D/ND, or Seed/Record Run). SDI/HDMI is the MASTER INPUT.