What record times can I expect with Apollo or the Apollo Option for Odyssey?

Apollo record times are dependent on how many video tracks are being recorded, the resolution, frame rate and codec. Apollo has two SSD slots with spanning (continuous recording from one SSD to another) and the current largest capacity SSD size is 1TB, allowing for 2TB of continuous recording.

Five tracks (four inputs + Live-Switch or Quad-Split) of 1080p30 recorded in Apple ProRes 422(HQ), will fill 2TB of SSD memory in 214 minutes (3:34).

Four tracks of 720p50 recorded in Apple ProRes 422(LT) will fill 2TB in 820 minutes (13:40).

Two tracks of 4K30p in Apple ProRes 422(HQ) will fill 2TB in 126 minutes (2:06).

Please view the Apollo Record Times Chart for record time estimates.