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This device is no longer manufactured. Convergent Design continues to support this product with firmware updates, technical support and repair services. Please visit the Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo product pages for information on our current models.

OLED Monitor, Professional Recorder, and Playback Deck, all in one

The Odyssey7Q combines Convergent Design's knowledge and experience of both broadcast and cinematography recorders, while adding the capabilities of a high-end professional monitor. Odyssey7Q is a brilliant 7.7" OLED monitor with 3400:1 contrast, true blacks, 1280x800 resolution and powerful monitoring tools.

Odyssey7Q is the best tool in your kit...Powerful and lightweight! It's also the best and most versatile portable recorder, enabling you to record 4K Apple ProRes, 4K RAW, Canon RAW, Sony FS7/FS700 and ARRIRAW (with the Odyssey RAW Bundle). Multi-Stream Recording and more will be available soon.

4K Over SDI - HD over HDMI


with cross conversion




OLED Touchscreen Display

OLED Touchscreen

True Blacks/Accurate Colors


The Odyssey7Q is able to record more formats and signal types than any other recorder in the world. Included in the Odyssey7Q is Apple ProRes recording in HD/2K up to 60p and UHD/4K up to 30p. Also included is Uncompressed DPX video recording in HD/2K in 10/12-bit up to 60p.


The Odyssey RAW Bundle is an upgrade that allows recording of ARRIRAW (ALEXA), Canon Cinema RAW (C500) Sony FS RAW (FS7/FS700), POV RAW (IO Industries, Indiecam) and CION RAW (Available with upcoming firmware release). FS RAW and Canon Cinema RAW also feature the ability to convert RAW signals into virtually-lossless Apple ProRes video files. Canon RAW, ARRIRAW and POV RAW are each available for daily rental at $99/day. Additional recording formats will be added via firmware releases.

High-Frame-Rate Recording

Odyssey7Q is capable of capturing 2K/HD up to 240fps for incredible slow-mo footage from camera systems such as the Sony FS700. See the Odyssey RAW Bundle page for more information.

Dual/Multi-Stream Recording

With upcoming firmware releases Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q will be upgradeable to Dual-Stream recording of two simultaneous 1080p signals via dual SDI connections or a combination of HDMI and SDI.

Shortly after the Dual-Stream Record Option Upgrade is introduced we will be introducing a Multi-Stream Record Option Upgrade which will enable the recording of up to four simultaneous 1080p signals. Files will be recorded as Apple ProRes MOV files, including a live-switch file and an edit decision list (EDL) in an XML file. Both options will be available as paid upgrades through our online store.


  • RAW Bundle

    The Odyssey RAW Bundle includes all RAW Record Options for the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q combined into one powerful and affordable bundle; $995 one-time upgrade fee includes all RAW recording features now and free upgrades in the future.

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The Odyssey7Q features a 7.7” OLED screen with 1280x800 resolution. The OLED display provides true blacks and accurate colors. A full complement of image analysis tools include a waveform (luma or RGB parade), a histogram (luma or RGB parade), zebra, programmable False Color, Pixel Zoom with finger drag, a three-mode Focus Assist and LUTs.

The included LUTs provide proper viewing of the LOG and RAW modes available from numerous popular cameras, with programmable LUTs coming in the future. These tools are controlled by the easy to use touchscreen interface and are available to view on the OLED or optionally on the SDI and HDMI video outputs of the Odyssey7Q.


View up to four HD video signals at once as a quad-split screen, or live-switch between inputs. Great for multi-camera shoots and live streaming.


All formats are available for immediate playback directly on the Odyssey7Q. Full deck controls or tablet-style touchscreen scrubbing through clips makes playback quick and easy. On ProRes files, clip markers are available to quickly pinpoint important material. Image Analysis Tools are also available in Play Mode.

LUT Support

The Odyssey LUT System is the most powerful and versatile design available in a single device. Use preloaded LUTs, load from our website LUT Library or design your own and import them using our free CD 3D-LUT Converter App. Send LUTs to the Odyssey screen, to the Image Analysis Tools or to the SDI and HDMI outputs. The Odyssey LUT System allows great adjustability combined with ease of use.

Convergent Design has created an Odyssey LUT System resource page, with illustrations, links to articles and videos, the LUT Library and more.

Click here to explore the power of the new Odyssey LUT System.

Focus Assist

Focus Assist mode enhances an image to indicate elements within the frame with sharp edges that define focus. The Odyssey Focus Assist features three display modes. Edge+Video show the video image with sharp edges highlighted in color (aka Peaking”). Edge Only shows only the sharp edges. Edge Enhanced shows some picture information for framing, with sharp edges highlighted in color. In all modes sensitivity and edge color are programmable.

Pixel Zoom

Pixel Zoom enlarges a section of the image on the OLED panel to better judge focus and other aspects of the image. The native resolution of the HD image area on the OLED panel is 1280x720. Pushing the Pixel Zoom button once enlarges the image to fit a 1280x720 window within an HD 1920x1080 frame. Pushing the Pixel Zoom button again enlarges the image so that a 1280x720 window is cut from that native resolution of the image if greater than HD (ie, 1280x720 window within 4096x2160) or doubles up pixels to make the image larger in an HD frame. The Odyssey Pixel Zoom offers the unique function of allowing the enlarged window to be moved within the image frame simply by dragging a finger or stylus on the OLED screen.


A Zebra stripe is an exposure tool to indicate any part of an image at or above a particular brightness.


A Histogram is an exposure tool indicating brightness by volume across a horizontal plane. The brighter the image the farther it is to the right. The more of an image registering at a particular brightness the taller the line graph at that level. The Odyssey Histogram can be set to measure overall brightness (Luma) or the individual color channel brightness (RGB Parade).


An exposure tool that graphically measures the brightness of the image across the frame. The Odyssey Waveform can be set to measure overall brightness (Luma) or the individual color channel brightness (RGB Parade).

False Color

False Color is an exposure reference tool, attributing different colors to various brightness portions of the image. The OdysseyFalse Color mode features five different colors with programmable levels, as well as a monochrome grey scale tone map to register the relative brightness of the rest of the image.

Frame Guides

Frame Guides indicate frame line cutoffs for non-16:9 (aka 1.77) aspect images. The Odyssey Frame Guides include 2.39, 1.85 and 1.33 frames, and a future update will allow programmable frames.

Image Flip

Image flip automatically adjusts the display to the upright position so that the device can be used in a variety of positions and configurations.

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Fast, Reliable SSD Media

Video or RAW files are recorded to fast and reliable Odyssey SSDs, available in 256G, 512G and 1TB sizes. Two SSD slots allow for extended record times and high dataload recording. Certain Samsung EVO 850 SSDs are also compatible with the Odyssey.


Use Odyssey7Q as a monitor today on any modern camera. Add an Odyssey SSD and the Odyssey7Q is ready to record. When shooting with a RAW output camera, the Odyssey RAW Bundle can be purchased any time through this website. Firmware updates continue to expand and refine the capabilities of the Odyssey7Q.


Clever design and a magnesium alloy case keeps the Odyssey7Q to just over 1lb (560g). The Odyssey consumes 8-19W depending on mode, can run on anything from 6.5-34v, and has no fans or venting to make noise or let in the elements.

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  • I just had to let you know how thrilled I am with my new Odyssey....the ease operation is uncanny.It’s all right there. And what a picture! If I only used it as a monitor it would have been money well spent, but the features, the readouts, the operational ergonomics is stellar.

    Allen Facemire - DP
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