Rome, Berlin, Paris, London and Barcelona.  Sit back and  buckle up.  Smart. Studio. is bringing a whole new experience to the road trip!  Smart company came to Wireworx in an effort to produce online promotional programming aimed at is young, hip demographic offering to ‘Remix Your Reality’.  The experience brings culture, art and human interaction to the web by meeting new places and faces along the journey.  It’s a fresh mix that is forward,  fun, fast, and flirtatious: reallity TV in nature, new-age technology in creation and delivery to market.

The Smart two-seater car is designed for easy, one button operation to be agile, trendy and versitile.  It is equipped with ten HD cameras inside and out in their efforts to provide followers a new diminsion of entertainment. The ten audio channels feed into 5 Convergent Design nanoFlash recorders, neatly designed and easily accessed and removed in a rack built in the back of the car.  The equipment had to be very solidly mounted to make sure there was no movement while driving and recording. The project was allocated to be built in four weeks, only taking two.

We were introduced to the project at IBC, where they too earned a Best Of IBC award (read the full announcement here). The “nanoRack”, as Convergent Design affectionately refers to it, is comprised of five nanoFlash recorders, operating at 50-100Mbps MXF files.  The compact flash cards are transferred to a hard drive and directly editted with Avid.

The Smart. Studio. is touted as the “World’s Smallest TV Studio”, and in production with Convergent Design’s nanoFlash, the ‘smallest, most compact digital recorder on the market’,  these seem a perfect marriage for the project.

Just goes to show that great things do come in small packages.










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