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The only alternative to Sony's R5 Recorder, Odyssey7Q with the Sony FS700 Raw Option allows you to maximize performance from your FS700 (Version 3. 0 hardware). Odyssey7Q includes compressed HD and uncompressed recording support, so when you add the $795 Sony FS700 Raw Option, you are gaining additional HFR support:
 2  YCC 10-Bit Compressed up to 60fps
  This option can be added at anytime, from anywhere via our website.  You will receive a simple activation key at the point of your online purchase, enter into your Odyssey7Q, and you're up and running!

Odyssey7Q interfaces directly with the FS700; no additional hardware necessary!

Convergent Design SSD media is always required for use with the Odyssey7Q.
 Raw 12-Bit up to 240fps (CinemaDNG)
YCC 422 10-Bit Compressed up to 60fps
(super sample from 4K raw)
RGB 444 12-Bit Compressed up to 60fps
(super sample from 4K raw)

1= Available at time of shipping.    2 - 4= Future development order.
NEW!   3D LUT Files from Convergent Design (SLOG-2 / REC709)

FS700 RAW files are Linear, thus the files need a Gamma 2.2 correction in order to look correct.  You may notice when you first import your files that they appear very dark before correction. Download our FS700 Raw: Post Workflow document, as well as our example 3D LUTs if you are seeking post workflow assistance!

Firmware 1.1.105 requires a new LUT: Download Here

Odyssey7Q for FS700

Note: The Ver3.0 modification  for the FS700 must be done at a Sony Service Center. The price above does not reflect any charges incurred by Sony. Two SSD's are required when shooting 2K Raw at 240fps, therefore the price does reflect the lowest cost investment in media to capture high frame rate.

FS700R is ready to use with Odyssey7Q.

Click here to visit Sony's Service Centers
First Look!
First tests of 2K Raw 240fps and 4K 60p on the FS700 + Odyssey7Q. Watch the video, and download sample files!

2K240SampleFrame.zip   1.4M    


4KProRes422.zip   158M    
  4KSampleFrame.zip   30M

Adobe is currently working on Cinema DNG support throughout their product suite (Adobe After Effects, Premier, Speed Grade and Photoshop). Therefore, any samples frames may have incorrect colors in Adobe products. You can also view individual frames with Aperture, or with Mac "Preview", or XnView.

Estimated Record Times

Assuming max record time; two 512GB SSDs (in Minutes)

1080p YCC 422 10-bit Compressed 24fps 750
1080p RGB 444 12-bit Compressed 24fps 500
4K YCC 422 Compressed 30fps 150
4K YCC 422 Compressed 24fps 187
 FS700 2K RAW 240fps*  20
 FS700 2K RAW 12-bit 120fps  40
 FS700 2K RAW 12-bit 24fps  200

Post Workflow

What will I need to edit my 2K raw or 4K compressed footage?

FCP X, After Effects, Resolve, and ScratchLab

Download FS700 Raw: Post Workflow, in addition to our 3D LUT.zip for additional help!