Full 3D Support, includes the following combining functions for preview and playback:
  • Side By Side
  • Line By Line
  • Anaglyph
  • 50% + 50%
  • Left - Right Luma
  • Right - Left Luma

    Choose any of the above for the built-in LCD and HD-SDI A Output. A separate choice may be selected for the HD-SDI B Output.

Gemini 4:4:4 with Stereo 3D is a UNIQUE 3D recording option! Left and right eye channels are recorded independently to Gemini's two SSD's.

With the 3D Option, you are able to record two cameras simultaneously; Camera 1 to SDI A and Camera 2 to SDI B. Depending on your settings, you can see both channels for preview/playback, one separately, or Camera 1 on the Gemini and Camera 2 out to a monitor.  *Cameras MUST be gen-locked.