Canon 4K Cinema Raw Option for Gemini

The Canon EOS C500 camera has uncompressed 4K and 2K outputs via Dual Link HD-SDI 3G; as required for cinema, episodic television and visual effects. Like the Gemini 4:4:4’s 3D and ARRIRAW Options, the Canon 4K Cinema Raw Option is a firmware update that can be installed without extra media or hardware.

The Gemini 4:4:4 supports up to 30fps 4K raw with a debayered preview and playback. High frame rates (60fps 4K raw and 120 fps HD) are supported using dual Gemini 4:4:4’s. The compact size the Gemini 4:4:4 pairs nicely with the C500 and is easily mobile and untethered, and priced nice at US$2495. 



With over 500 Gemini's in the field,it's proven performance continues to drive it's demand. Even when you upgrade to the Canon 4K Cinema Raw Option, its simple and easy to do; you are an activation key away from capturing TRUE CINEMA.


Complementary to the compact, mobile form factor of the C500, Gemini is a natural fit. Gemini is a lightweight / low power consumption option that allows you to be on foot and un-teathered to a computer station for data processing.


No new hardware, no expensive transfer stations or workflow models. Add the Canon 4K Cinema Raw Option to your existing Gemini 4:4:4 for only US$2495. Convergent Design SSD media is readily available and affordable as well.


Gemini supports multiple formats from compressed Avid DNxHD (coming soon), to uncompressed DNxHD, 3D capture, ARRIRAW, or upgrade your way to true cinema, Canon 4K Cinema Raw.


If you can shoot it, we will capture it. HD, 2K, 4K, Quad HD, and Half Raw at frame rates up to 120fps. For a full list of supported frame rates and formats, please see below.


You're ready to shoot; we're ready to capture! The Canon 4K Cinema Raw Option will be available as of 22 October 2012. A recorder is mandatory, the time is now; don't wait!



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