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Release: Odyssey7Q Firmware 1.11.100

Today Convergent Design releases a firmware update for the Odyssey7Q.  This release adds features, improves old functions and fixes several issues.

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NAB Product Preview: Athena

Announcing the Convergent Design Athena 4K/Multi-Stream Player/Recorder Encoder/Decoder, a field-use or rack-mount complete solution, debuting as a “product preview” at NAB 2014.

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Release: Odyssey7Q Firmware 1.1.105

Firmware Update:  1.1.105 Released For Odyssey7Q

Today Convergent Design releases the long-awaited firmware update for the Odyssey7Q.  There are improvements to old functions, fixes to some issues, and numerous new features.

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Status Update: Odyssey7Q February Firmware

(February 27, 2014, Colorado Springs)  There are many improvements and added functions in our Odyssey7Q Firmware Update.  Sony FS700 4K RAW recording, additional Canon C500 recording formats, and a host of small functions and minor fixes.  The most anticipated new function is the popular compressed recording format to complement all of our other recording functions.

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VIDEO: Wireless Multi-Stream

One great feature of the Odyssey7Q is the high quality monitor in a slim, lightweight package that can be run off a small battery.    Another unique feature is its ability to show multiple HD camera signals at once using the Multi-Stream viewing function.  Now these two aspects of the Odyssey7Q can be utilized in conjunction with our new Wireless Battery Plate.  This plate attaches to the back of the Odyssey7Q and can hold two Teradek Bolt wireless video receivers, plus battery mounts to power both receivers and the Odyssey7Q.  The Wireless Battery Plates are available with various battery mounts, including Sony L, Sony U, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, as well as Anton Bauer and V-Lock.  They also are delivered as complete kits with mounting hardware and cabling for power and video.

Watch the video to see how clean and functional this easily handheld kit can be for your next production.

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